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RapidBid's electrical estimating programs include powerful autocounting functions to help you takeoff a plan in minutes.

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“Our quotation rate has increased from 50 to over 200 quotations per month.”

Electrical Estimating Software with Autocounting

Independently tested – one of the USA’s best electrical estimating programs

Autocounting done in seconds - Output from our electrical estimating software

How long does it take you to takeoff and count up a project proposal or tender without using electrical estimating software? When you consider your bidding process step-by-step, you’ll be surprised about how much time and work is involved.

Printing drawings, scaling plans, measuring wires and cabling, then counting up all of the components required during an electrical installation (how many sockets, how many switches, how many fuse boxes?), before dropping everything into an estimate spreadsheet, checking and double checking.

The time just keeps adding up if you’re not using electrical estimating programs to help with the takeoff process. Most contractors estimate that even a medium-size project such as wiring a showroom or a smaller office takes upwards of five hours.

So we built RapidBid to make that process quicker (our savings calculator shows just how much quicker), and we’ve made a free demo available to contractors across the USA.

Save time and money with your RapidBid electrical estimating software free demo

It takes time, concentration and hard work for an electrical contractor to put together an accurate estimate that can win them a large project.

You can’t just make a best guess when it comes to cabling, wiring and electrical components. Price-conscious customers can smell a made-up price from a mile away, and there’s every chance you can underestimate and leave money on the table.

Here’s how an electrical project estimate usually works – if you don’t use electrical estimating software. It takes as much of the work away from you and gives it to the computer.

Original PDF drawing before RapidBid electrical estimating program
Just counted the 'D' symbols in under 0.3 seconds - there are 88!
A fully quoted project from RapidBid electrical estimating software
Easy to measure tray, trunking and basket containment

First of all, you download the tendering folder from the client or the architect. It’ll be a compressed file filled with plans you don’t need, and you can easily waste half an hour clicking in and out of PDFs, waiting for them to load fully, deciding if you need them and copying the appropriate plans to new folders. Then you need to print these drawings – which doesn’t happen for free.

Plans in hand, and you need to grab some pencils and markers so that you can measure every cable, mark up every socket, count every fusebox, and note down every single quantity on a takeoff sheet. Then those numbers need summarizing, because you’ve got to head back to your Mac or PC.

After setting up a spreadsheet, you need to drop in your quantity numbers, prices from your supplier, and your own rates. Then you need to double check your math.

All the man hours spent on this, plus the printer costs, and you’ve not earned a single cent from this. If the customer says no to your price, you’ll never earn a cent.

RapidBid can’t make your clients accept your tender. But we can make sure you don’t invest as much time into your estimates. In fact, our electrical estimating software means you can complete five quotes in the time it used to take you to prepare one, giving you a 400% better chance to turn your hard work into lucrative contracts.

What RapidBid does is take that process and hand as much as possible to a computer. It’s the same process you use for your electrical estimates, and you get the same final figures, but it’s far less labor intensive.

Let’s start over. Instead of opening your ZIP file of drawings, open RapidBid and use that to open the folder. Instantly, you’ll see previews of all the drawings. Want to add one to your takeoff list? Click yes, and RapidBid adds it to your to-do list. Plans more suitable for a roofing contractor than an electrician? Click no.

In just a few short seconds, you have all the drawings you need.

One more click, and RapidBid removes background noise from your plans, leaving a clear electrical layout for the building you’re quoting on. And this is where RapidBid’s autocounting function comes in to save you more time.

Find a component, let’s say a light fitting. Click on it to identify it as a light fitting, and then start the autocount. Less than a second later, you’ll have the quantity you need. We’ve seen an electrical contractor count up all of the light fittings for a hotel ground floor in 0.468 seconds using autocount. Can you count that quickly?

Once the autocounting has done its work, all of the quantities are dropped into an automatically generated spreadsheet. If you’ve loaded your materials prices and labor rates into RapidBid, they’re added too, and suddenly you’ve got a fully accurate estimate, ready to send.

You’ve just saved four hours thanks to our electrical estimating software. And if that sounds too good to be true, why not put us to the test? You can book a demo for free now, and if you don’t like it, you’ll never pay a cent. If you choose to use our program after your demo, prices start from only a couple of dollars per day. That’s an amazing deal.

Independently tested electrical estimating programs

RapidBid is our pride and joy. We’ve worked with electrical contractors since the 1980s, and all of the feedback we’ve had from people just like you has gone into making this tool as useful and simple as we could make it.

Before we launched RapidBid in the USA, we hired the University of California’s professor of business psychology and asked him to test our tool. The professor used a focus group of Californian contractors to test our easy-to-use estimating tool, and compare it to their usual manual takeoffs.

He found that it definitely worked. It made their lives easier. It made their estimating process quicker. And it did something that surprised us. It helped them win more business:

  • RapidBid software shortens the estimating process by 80%.
  • By increasing the number of quotes and estimates a contractor can send, electrical contractors surveyed quoted for four times as many jobs and saw up to a 400% increase in turnover.
  • The final prices in each estimate are correct to within a 99% tolerance when compared to estimates done using manual takeoffs.

It really is that simple. Downloading our electrical estimating program saves you time, wins more jobs, and gives accurate prices. It does everything you need it to do!

Remember, you can book a free demo of RapidBid electrical estimating software right now with no credit card required, and the full version costs as little as $2.58 per day. Just click the link below and book your demo.

“I have a buddy who is an electrical contractor and he was telling me that he spent three weeks pricing a $200,000 job by hand. I told him that with my estimating and PDF take off software, I started a $700,000 job yesterday and finished it today!”

Ashley AJDR

“As much as I would hate to help any of my competitors, I have to completely endorse RapidBid in all that it offers for a business. Our quotation rate has increased from 50 to over 200 quotations per month.”

On Tap Plumbing

“RapidBid is a lifesaver. It’s so easy to use, I just open the drawings and within minutes I have scaled, marked and priced up all my materials and labour. It has increased the speed that we can win work four times over, at least.”

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