HVAC and ductwork estimates in 60 minutes

It can take five hours for a HVAC or ductwork takeoff and bid. It doesn't have to.

See for yourself with our HVAC estimating software free software demo.

“Quotes that took me five days before, now take me less than two!”

HVAC estimating software free demos

HVAC and ductwork estimating software saves four hours per quote

Your days of spending five hours on a time consuming, complicated ductwork takeoff are over, thanks to RapidBid’s HVAC estimating software free downloads for contractors across the USA.

It’s free to try our HVAC & duct estimating software. You won’t need a credit card. All you need is an internet connection and a project to quote on. Our simple and powerful estimating tools will guide you through the process, and if you decide to continue our prices are as low as just a couple of dollars per day.

RapidBid is designed by experts, tested by contractors, and it helps you prepare accurate quotes quickly and easily, with simple-to-follow video walkthroughs. There’s no better way to save time, bid on more work, and make sure every bid you send is totally accurate.

What you need to know before you start your HVAC estimating software free demo

RapidBid HVAC and ductwork estimating software is designed from feedback we’ve received from contractors just like you. Contractors who are spending hours on a takeoff for a single project. Contractors who have to leave construction sites to spend afternoons, evenings and weekends with pencils and paper instead of overseeing the fitting and installation of vents and ducts.

Contractors who are looking for a simpler, easier way to work.

When we were developing RapidBid, they had questions. We know you’ll have questions too. Here are the answers you need before you book your free demo:

Do I need to be a computer expert?

No! You’re the HVAC expert. We’re the computer expert, and we’ve made RapidBid estimating software as simple as possible. We’ve explained how to use the tool in a short walkthrough video that tells you everything you need to know.

How do I carry out a ductwork takeoff?

RapidBid guides you through the process, from reviewing and choosing plans, through on-screen scaling, measuring and counting, through to generating a full spreadsheet complete with your pre-loaded materials costs and fees.

Is the free demo really free?

When we say free, we mean free. HVAC estimating software free demos from the RapidBid website don’t need any payment. We won’t take your credit card details, and you don’t sign a contract. Just check our savings calculator to see how much you’ll save, book your free demo and try it. If you’re not 100% happy, you’ll never pay a single cent…

… And if I want to continue?

We’ve made RapidBid as affordable as it is simple. You can choose to continue with one of our three monthly packages, which start from a couple of dollars per day. Compared to the $3.75 Starbucks charge for a simple coffee, that’s nothing at all! You can see our ductwork estimating software packages and prices here.

Your HVAC estimating software free demo is one click away

Contractors from any US location can book our HVAC & ductwork estimating software demo now without a credit card and with no strings attached.

Click the button below, and you can use RapidBid on your next takeoff or estimate. You’ll save up to four hours, you’ll find it simple and easy, and it won’t cost you anything at all? What’s stopping you? Our HVAC estimating software free demo is only a click away.

“I have a buddy who is an electrical contractor and he was telling me that he spent three weeks pricing a $200,000 job by hand. I told him that with my estimating and PDF take off software, I started a $700,000 job yesterday and finished it today!”

Ashley AJDR

“As much as I would hate to help any of my competitors, I have to completely endorse RapidBid in all that it offers for a business. Our quotation rate has increased from 50 to over 200 quotations per month.”

On Tap Plumbing

“RapidBid is a lifesaver. It’s so easy to use, I just open the drawings and within minutes I have scaled, marked and priced up all my materials and labour. It has increased the speed that we can win work four times over, at least.”

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