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Count every nail, every screw, every piece of lumber and every brick required for your project with our carpentry and masonry estimating software.

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“Using RapidBid, I can now takeoff and price well over 10 drawings in less than an hour.”

Masonry Estimating Software

Masonry and carpentry estimating software tools

Wall areas need to be measured and calculated

If hammering out an estimate for a masonry or carpentry tender feels more like banging your head against a brick wall, it’s time to trial RapidBid’s simple, accurate and efficient carpentry & masonry estimating software. Our estimating and bidding tool is designed to take your takeoffs from your table to your screen, saving you hours in time and dollars in printing costs.

By automating as much of your quoting process as possible with a suite of powerful software tools, RapidBid turns a five hour manual estimating process into sixty minutes of productivity, freeing you up to spend time on-site, or allowing you to increase the number of tenders you apply for by 400%.

Accurate estimates in 60 minutes

Think back to your last project tender. If you’re anything like the thousands of contractors who’ve decided to switch to RapidBid, your manual takeoffs probably took around five hours to complete. Wasted hours scaling walls, counting up materials and calculating areas. Wasted dollars printing off full-sized plans. Wasted time and wasted money – two things that no business owner ever wants. We’ve plugged the figures these contractors gave us into a savings calculator, and we’ve seen how many working hours (and how much money) you could save each month.

That’s why masons and carpenters are downloading RapidBid’s carpentry and masonry estimating software. RapidBid takes this time-consuming manual process and turns it into a fast, simple on-screen process that lets your home or office computer do all of the hard work.

Here’s how your next takeoff will work, after you’ve had your guided demo of our hard-working software:

  1. You’ll open the tender folder with RapidBid, and use one-click functionality to select the drawings you need for the estimate
  2. You’ll use the built-in scaling, measuring and highlighting tools to mark up the drawings, before autocounting and area calculating software does the math for you.
  3. RapidBid will take all of the quantities, your rates, and the material prices you’ve specified, and create a spreadsheet giving you full cost breakdowns for your project
  4. You send the final figure to the client, and decide what to do with the four hours you’ve saved

This functionality doesn’t cost the earth. You can book a demo of our estimating calculator for free, and the full version will cost less than a cup of coffee a day. That’s a deal no contractor should be prepared to miss out on!

Book a demo of our carpentry and masonry estimating software

For a risk free demo of our software, all you need to do is click the link below. You won’t need to pay anything, we don’t ask for your credit card details, and you’ll be ready to go in minutes.

During your demo of our carpentry and masonry estimating software we’ll show you how to price up your next tender. If you’re happy with the amount of time you can save, sign up for one of our packages, all of which come with full telephone support and video walkthrough guides. That’s all there is to it, and the choice is yours.

“I have a buddy who is an electrical contractor and he was telling me that he spent three weeks pricing a $200,000 job by hand. I told him that with my estimating and PDF take off software, I started a $700,000 job yesterday and finished it today!”

Ashley AJDR

“As much as I would hate to help any of my competitors, I have to completely endorse RapidBid in all that it offers for a business. Our quotation rate has increased from 50 to over 200 quotations per month.”

On Tap Plumbing

“RapidBid is a lifesaver. It’s so easy to use, I just open the drawings and within minutes I have scaled, marked and priced up all my materials and labour. It has increased the speed that we can win work four times over, at least.”

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