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The largest college district in the US has determined that 92% of construction managers have an ineffective sales strategy. We want to change that.

Our plumbing estimating software simplifies your takeoff process to make it simpler and quicker to pitch for a project.

“Using RapidBid, I can now takeoff and price well over 10 drawings in less than an hour.”

Plumbing Estimating Software

80% faster, 90% more accurate quotes – FREE demo available

Plumbing contractors across the USA agree. Working on an estimate without the benefit of plumbing estimating software takes too long, and has too many opportunities for mistakes.

From Anchorage to Tallahassee, contractors are clear on what takes too much time. Manual takeoffs involve too much paperwork, too much measuring, too much scaling and far too much counting.

This process takes too much time, and when a tender involves miles of piping and thousands of components, it’s far too easy to make a mistake or miscount.

That’s where RapidBid enters the market. We make takeoffs easy. We make estimates simple. Not just for plumbers, but for all American contractors – electricians, construction workers – everyone can benefit from our contractor estimating software.

RapidBid means that your process of coloring, scaling, measuring and counting that used to take five hours now takes around 60 minutes.

You save four hours on every bid. You can bid on four times as many projects. You can win 400% more business.

That’s what our plumbing estimating software can do for you. But don’t take our word for it. Book your free demo today. No strings, and no credit card required.

Can plumbing estimating software really save four hours per estimate?

Yes it can!

And that’s not a number we pulled out of thin air. Before releasing RapidBid in the USA, we hired UCLA’s professor of business psychology to research how long contractors took to prepare a quote.

Five hours was the average. For larger projects with piping across multiple floors or even multiple properties across a neighborhood or large scale development, contractors can spend an entire working day on a manual takeoff. A full day spent on a task that might not even deliver any work for your firm.

That’s all down to the amount of work that goes into a manual takeoff for a plumbing quote. Let’s look at how that manual method stacks up against RapidBid.

Drawings: You need to click in and out of folders, select the right plans, create a new file, and then have those plans printed (adding a solid dollar value to your takeoff along with work hour value).

Or you can use RapidBid to review plans and take them off directly from your screen.

Scaling and Drawing: By hand, you’ll need pencils, markers, a measuring tape and a notepad. It takes hours to measure piping, color and mark up plans, and note down these quantities on your notepad.

With RapidBid, that takes a few clicks, a few minutes, and the software tracks all of the quantities for you.

Counting: Imagine a plumbing project for six residential units, all with multiple bathrooms, plus kitchens and utility rooms. How many components do you need to count? How long will that take? What if you miss something?

RapidBid can autocount in under a second and track all those quantities too.

Estimating: Now you have the numbers, you need to start an estimating spreadsheet, drop in your material prices and rates, and then check the math.

Or RapidBid can generate an estimate automatically.

You can spend five hours with your manual process, or 60 minutes with RapidBid.

The choice is yours. And if you need more proof, our savings calculator is right here.

No-strings plumbing estimating software demo – No credit card needed

You don’t need to sign anything, you don’t need to give us your credit card details, and you won’t need to choose one of our affordable software packages to see how our estimating software can work for you, you can book a FREE, no obligation demo.

Just click the link below, and if you like RapidBid, you can keep using it forever, for as little as a couple of dollars per day.

If it doesn’t save you time on your plumbing estimates, you can stop using it, and you’ll never pay us a cent.

But we’re sure that you’ll agree with contractors across the USA and beyond that RapidBid’s plumbing estimating software is the simplest way to save time without sacrificing accuracy. There’s only one way to find out.

“I have a buddy who is an electrical contractor and he was telling me that he spent three weeks pricing a $200,000 job by hand. I told him that with my estimating and PDF take off software, I started a $700,000 job yesterday and finished it today!”

Ashley AJDR

“As much as I would hate to help any of my competitors, I have to completely endorse RapidBid in all that it offers for a business. Our quotation rate has increased from 50 to over 200 quotations per month.”

On Tap Plumbing

“RapidBid is a lifesaver. It’s so easy to use, I just open the drawings and within minutes I have scaled, marked and priced up all my materials and labour. It has increased the speed that we can win work four times over, at least.”

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