Four extra hours saved per quote, for less than $2 per day

Four hours saved on every single quote. Roofing estimate software that lets you takeoff plans on-screen, or quote from Google or Apple Maps.

Our commercial roofing estimating tool saves hours of time for just a couple of dollars per day - and you can see how it works for free!

“Using RapidBid, I can now takeoff and price well over 10 drawings in less than an hour.”

Roofing Estimate Software

Faster quotes, easier takeoffs – Try our commercial roofing estimating software

Imagine being able to put together an accurate estimate or tender in 60 minutes. With RapidBid’s roofing estimating software, you can.

Imagine being able to scale and measure roofs directly from Google or Apple Maps without needing to download plans and PDFs. With RapidBid’s commercial roofing estimating software, you can.

Imagine bidding on five jobs in the same time it used to take to quote for just one. With our roofing takeoff software, you can!

Our takeoff and estimating tool is designed to make life easier for roofing contractors throughout the USA. We help you calculate costs and prepare bids 80% quicker than with a manual takeoff, helping you manage your time and grow your business.

And best of all, you can book a free demo of our estimating tool right here. You don’t need to sign anything, we don’t need your credit card details, and if you decide RapidBid is right for you, our software costs from only a couple of dollars per day to use.

That’s an amazing price, especially once you check our calculator to see how much money our software will save you! All those savings for less than the price of a cup of coffee!

How the RapidBid roofing estimate software saves contractors time

As a roofing contractor who’s used to handling manual takeoffs instead of using estimating software, you’ll know how time-consuming a process it can be to put together an accurate quote to bid on a project.

You have to chase architects or potential clients for copies of plans, sort through and print what you need, and then start a time-consuming manual process.

Drawing, measuring, scaling and calculating areas – making sure to take and keep notes at every step of the way. Then you need to create a spreadsheet, input the values, the correct sums, and your own rates. Finally, you need to double check everything to make sure you’ve not made a mistake.

Roofing contractors claim this process can take up to five hours. Independent tests have verified that number, and we agree that this process is far too time-consuming. So we developed RapidBid roofing estimate software to speed up the process. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download a PDF plan from your client, or use an aerial view from Google Maps or Apple Maps
  2. Use RapidBid’s suite of easy to use tools to measure areas and scale them automatically, taking into account pitches as well as waste.
  3. Finalize your quote by using RapidBid to automatically generate a spreadsheet using the totals from the takeoff and your pre-loaded prices and rates
  4. Send the final price to your client.

You don’t need to visit a site to use RapidBid. From the comfort of your chair, you can calculate the areas of any roofing project you’re bidding on. Areas, hips, valley and ridges – all without having to leave the office.

It’s no wonder that RapidBid is faster than a manual takeoff, especially when pre-programmed assemblies to calculate the components you need for your project.

Even better, you can learn how to use our commercial roofing estimating software in a matter of minutes with our simple walkthrough guides. It really is the fastest, simplest way to estimate for a tender.

Book a demo of our roofing takeoff software for free

We’re giving all American roofing contractors the chance to see how RapidBid works for yourselves. Simply click the link below to book a free demo of our time-saving and accurate software, and we’ll show you how to use it on your very next bid.

Once you’ve tried RapidBid’s roofing estimate software and seen just how easy it is to save four hours on every single quote, it’ll cost you as little as $2.58 per day to download the full version with full telephone and screen sharing support!

“I have a buddy who is an electrical contractor and he was telling me that he spent three weeks pricing a $200,000 job by hand. I told him that with my estimating and PDF take off software, I started a $700,000 job yesterday and finished it today!”

Ashley AJDR

“As much as I would hate to help any of my competitors, I have to completely endorse RapidBid in all that it offers for a business. Our quotation rate has increased from 50 to over 200 quotations per month.”

On Tap Plumbing

“RapidBid is a lifesaver. It’s so easy to use, I just open the drawings and within minutes I have scaled, marked and priced up all my materials and labour. It has increased the speed that we can win work four times over, at least.”

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