RapidBid Prices

How much is your time worth? More than a few dollars a day?

How much do you value your own time? Five hours spent putting a quote together means five hours you’re away from site where you could be doing the work you get paid for, and you’re not getting leisure time either. At best it’s inefficient; at worst, it’s throwing time away for no reason.

RapidBid gives you control over your time again, and costs just a tiny fraction of the money you’ll save. The higher packages save you even more by offering even more powerful features.

Preview files to quickly find what you need

Show or hide elements to simplify drawings

Highlight changes between versions of files

Telephone support and walkthroughs

AutoCounting technology

Linear, area and volume measuring

Instantly estimate labour and material costs

Pre-populated estimate templates

Live price updates










*Subject to initial (one-off) payment for setup and training: $199 + VAT
**Subject to initial (one-off) payment for setup and training: $399 + VAT

No-pressure, money back guarantee

Although we’re sure you’ll find RapidBid much more enjoyable and effective than the traditional method of estimating, we want to make sure the choice is completely up to you. That’s why we’re happy to offer a money back guarantee if you change your mind within 30 days.

That’s one less thing to worry about. Plus, don’t forget you can also receive a free demo of the software before you go ahead.

All the support you need

We know you’re busy running your company, and you don’t want to have to spend weeks learning how to use our software. We know nobody likes sending dozens of emails or raising support tickets.

So we make RapidBid easy. Wondering how to get started? We’ve got a walkthrough guide to show you exactly how everything works.

Have a problem? Call our US call center and ask an expert. Because RapidBid is supported by the same people who developed this powerful tool, we can solve any issues while you wait.

“Our monthly quotation output has increased from 60 to in excess of 180 quotations per month. That is a staggering 300% increase.”

D. R. Matthews

“Time saving is the biggest advantage for us by far. RapidBid saved us about 80% of our time and increased our productivity 50%.”

Environ Group

“We used to have a three or four-process estimate which was over-complicated, but now we have a simple, one-process estimate. We definitely recommend!”

Pure Services Group